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A Kubota B2650 by the sunset, posted by forum member PA452.

A Kubota B2650 by the sunset, posted by forum member PA452.

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Need help fixing your Kubota or locating a part? Not sure what that strange lever does? Maybe you are not yet a Kubota owner and need some buying advice? If you are asking yourself any of these questions you’ll want to check out our forums, where you can post and meet thousands of other Kubota equipment owners (or soon-to-be owners).

Our forums are so popular that we think they are the number one source on the internet for Kubota equipment owners to gather, swap stories and learn from one another. If you own a Kubota, sooner or later, you’ll visit the forums on OrangeTractorTalks.

Kubota Forums Guide

  • Service, Repair & Maintenance – One stop for all of your service advice, repair or maintenance tips. Search this forum for answers to common Kubota repair procedures.

  • Tractor Operating – A good place to learn how to operate your Kubota tractor, both to maximize the investment in your equipment but also safely. Good place to start if you are new are new Kubota owner.

  • Implements & Attachments – Tips, tricks and advice for operating, maintaining and buying implements like loaders, mowers, blades, tillers or hitches.

  • Buying Advice, Recommendations & Pricing – Not a Kubota equipment owner yet but might be soon or not sure what to look for when buying? Stop in here to get advice from experienced owners on what to watch for when buying.

  • Grey Market & Zennoh – Heard that your Kubota might be a grey market tractor or maybe it’s Zennoh branded? Do not panic! This forum is for owners of grey market tractors looking to service, maintain and source parts.

  • Fabrication & Customization – Have some custom improvements to your tractor, your truck or anything else you want to show off? Post here (or lurk other projects to get inspired).

  • Tires & Wheels – Discuss everything related to ag, turf or industrial tires here, plus advice on how to hookup chains or what to use for ballast.

  • Projects – Post details of your project around the shop, the house or the acreage here. Show us the steps and the finished result!

  • Off Topic – A place to meet and discuss a variety of topics with other Kubota enthusiasts. Checkout what’s cookin’ or see other member’s shop and equipment setups. Always something interesting to check out here!

  • Buy, Sell & Trade – Your starting point for buying or selling Kubota tractors and implements.

How to Get Started
If you just want to read and not post questions or content of your own, you are already set! Just visit the forum of your choosing and browse from there or search a few keywords to narrow it down. If you want to post a question or share a picture or two, you will need to register first by choosing a username and entering your email address. Happy browsing and welcome to the internet’s largest forum of Kubota equipment owners and enthusiasts!

Show Me More Pictures of That Clean B2650
Here are a few more pictures of that clean-looking B2650 by the sunset from the top of the article. If you want to see the whole delivery journey, check out PA452’s post on the forums.

Kubota B2650

Kubota B2650

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